Blue Ridge Mountain Land and Cabins

The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia offer a unique living experience. Surrounded by national forest land, rivers, and wildlife protection areas you can be sure that the area will not be "over-built". That said the proximity to Atlanta GA and Chattanooga TN keep the modern living experience close at hand with plenty of dining and shopping conveniences and an opportunity to commute.

As the area becomes even more popular we are seeing some couples purchase second homes and others building their dream retirement home, often years before they actually plan on retiring. This has added to the popularity of vacation rentals in the small towns of Ellijay and Blue Ridge. With so many second homes, property managers have stepped in to provide these home owners with an opportunity to capitalize on their investment. They are renting their cabins during the months they are not personally enjoying the use of their mountain home. Visitors from all around get to experience this unique way of life where modern conveniences meet mother nature.

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